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Inside Out of a '79 Caprice Classic

Dad pulled into the driveway with a ’79 Cheverolt Caprice Classic for my sisters and I to drive in High School.  It was “safe”.  At least that is what he thought.  The car had a football field of metal around it to protect his girls from a crash.  What dad didn’t consider were the drivers of the “tank”.  The first day I was behind the wheel I rear ended a car.  I couldn’t judge the distance in front of the tank because I  couldn’t see past the hood.  You could also fit the entire student body of our high school in that car.  Lots of kids means lots of distractions.  Dad considered the safety viewpoint from others crashing into us, however he did not think about safety from the inside out. 

How often in business do we forget to take into consideration the view from the inside out or the employee point of view?  When considering performance improvement, one area we look at is information.  Do you have the data, guides, expecations and goals you need to do your job well?  This information needs to contain the day to day expectations- the hood- but also needs to include the overall goals- the trip- the organization is taking.  Clients tell me frequently that they have no idea how their job relates to the big picture of the organization.  That’s not safe.  In a day and age where we hear more and more that people want to have a purpose in their work and contribute to the greater good, it is imparative they see past the hood to the horizon.  Make sure discussions are happening about big picture goals and help each other tie that understanding to your day-to-day operations.  This is a great conversation to have at one of your upcoming meetings.  Ask those around the table if they can see past the hood of their job, department, area, or even region.  If so, what does the horizon look like to them.  You hope it will look something like your organization’s mission and/or vision.  If not, take time to crawl behind the wheel and see the view from the inside out.