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I have always known my calling was to help people.  In college, I double majored in Health and Communication in hopes of helping people live healthier lives.  A few years into my career I realized I wanted my growth path to veer from becoming a healthcare professional to one focusing more on communication and interpersonal relationships.  There were many opportunities to train others in those healthcare positions, and I found that I loved facilitating conversations and working with people to bring out their best.  With that knowledge, I took a position in a printing company as an Organizational Development Coordinator.  There I learned skills of developing programs to provide structure for employee growth.  After attending an Accelerated Learning certification at a local Community and Technical College, I brought my energy and love of learning into a college classroom and eventually, in 2004 created my own training and consulting business, Signature Training Solutions. During the start of my business, I also worked as a part-time city Sports Director (This is where I enhanced my conflict management and de-escalation skills!) as well as an Employee Development Specialist for a law enforcement agency. Along the way I shared a few years as a Training and Development Manager for a retail and distribution company.  These opportunities provided additional experiences to better understand a variety of organizational structures, job roles, and human interactions.  

In my years of consulting and training, one thing really bothered me.  Why did organizations need "round 2 or 3" of a customer service training or a leadership course?  Why wasn't the information I gave the first time working?  To help solve this question, and appease my desire for more learning, I went back to school and in 2012 obtained my Masters of Science Degree in Education focusing on Training and Human Performance Improvement. During my program, I not only affirmed my suspicion that not everything was a training issue or solved with training, but also learned about other interventions I could recommend.  It made sense now why "round 2 and 3" still didn't work.  There were many other options to consider when addressing performance improvement.  With these new insights and experience I gained throughout my program, I added consulting to my business profile to help organizations better understand areas where performance gaps might be present and what interventions would be best in closing those gaps.

I am living my dream!  I am the owner, consultant, and trainer for my own company, Signature Training Solutions, specializing in training and human performance improvement.  With my passion, energy, and love of lifelong learning, I am honored to facilitate conversations with all sizes of groups regarding interpersonal relationship skills at the employee and leadership levels. 


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Independent Consultant and Trainer

Donelle Hintermeister



BA Health and BA Communication, 1995

MS Education- specializing in Training and Human Performance Improvement, 2012, with honors


  • Accelerated Learning 
  • Class A License 
  • PI Analyst
  • EVOC Instructor

Activities & Affiliations

  • St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce, Member
  • Past Church Council Vice President and Council Member
  • Congregational Committees- Strategic Planning and Staff Support, Member
  • Past Central Minnesota Training and Development Chair and Member